If you want to attend the conference, the registration is mandatory and it gives direct access to the conference and materials. If you want to apply for a presentation, skip this section and please proceed to the “Call for papers” section below.

  • Students: €35, (€20 only one day) (Graduates, postgraduates and 3rd Age University students)
  • Professionals, staff, researchers: 80 €
  • Partners and sponsorships: €0
  • Authors and speakers: €200 (go to “Call for papers” section for grant options)

Registration fee should be paid before April 21st. After that date, payment is still possible, but with extra cost.

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We accept papers related to pedagogical innovation, experiences, projects and innovative research not previously published, we accept a scientific or educational approach in any of the topics of the conference.

It is possible to make a oral presentation (15-20 minutes), to participate in a poster session or by a practical workshop (45-75 minutes). Papers will be published in the on-line journal Ariadna. It is also possible to publish your paper without participating in the event.

Conference topics:

  • Technology for the people. Devices, programs and services that facilitate the improvement of the health and autonomy. Technological advances related with health and the people. Physical and metal health facilitated by the technology. Biotechnology, social context, ethical aspects.
  • World Information Society Day (May 17th). Digital adoption and digital inclusion, use of information and communication technologies. Social context of the technologies and the elderly. Integration and participation of the senior citizens through technology.
  • Computer enhanced education (In conjunction with the EHHLSA project) Educational gerontology, andragogy. Educational technology (tools) and learning through technology (models and pedagogies). On-line learning, virtual learning.

To initiate the paper presentation process, you should first register and later proceed to the abstract submission by sending the extended abstract to using following template in maximum 2 working days, you will receive a confirmation mail and the next steps.

Registration Form

The registration fee for the authors is 200€ and includes the publication of materials. You can pay the fee after your abstract has been accepted for communication but before April 21st. 

It is possible to get a 100 € discount if you participate in the “Technology enhanced education” topic (co-financed by EHHLSA European project). Contact if you want to know more.